Why a Mathematics Degree at CSU

Whether you want to explore the breadth of theoretical mathematics, discover mathematics as motivated by engineering and the sciences, share mathematics through teaching, or apply mathematics in finance, CSU Math offers a pathway.

From living on campus to actuarial science prep classes, study sessions with friends, visits to office hours, time spent at math club, and off-campus hangouts, Harold’s day really has it all: tons of cool math, career-specific classes, time to relax and lots of fun!

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Math Club is a student club that runs events related to mathematics and some times not so related to mathematics.

Faculty Advisor:  Patrick Shipman

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Actuary Club is a student club that runs events related to the actuary majors in mathematics.

Faculty Advisor:  Danny Long

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 CSU Math Videos: Meet CSU Math Faculty and Students.  CSU Math thrives on a synergy of mathematical inquiry, mathematics motivated by engineering and the sciences, and a dedication to education, underlined by faculty who research best teaching practices. You may choose a general mathematics education or focus on actuarial sciences, applied mathematics, or the teaching of mathematics.

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The Putnam is an annual mathematics competition for college students. Come by our practice seminar to be exposed to new challenging math problems.