The Undergraduate Committee, The Mathematics Undergraduate Committee is responsible for the administration of the undergraduate programs offered by the Department.

The Undergraduate Coordinator, Paige Kanatous, is the initial point of contact for the undergraduate program, and is responsible for providing information to students regarding the undergraduate program and requirements. She manages our override processes and serves as the first resource for students choosing to add a minor in Math. Processes graduation contract checks for all undergraduate majors, as a way of helping students make sure they’re on track toward meeting the completion of their degree requirements.

The Undergraduate Program Director, Dr. Patrick Shipman,, is Chair of the Undergraduate Committee and provides information on academic aspects of the program, including course offerings and information on research areas of faculty.

Undergraduate Advising, Richard Sampera (general & applied concentrations), Danny Long (actuarial concentration), Janet Oien (math education concentration) advise students and provides information about degree programs to interested students.  Contact information for Richard, Danny and Janet can be found here.