The Ph.D. in Mathematics is a comprehensive program requiring considerable coursework and an original dissertation in Mathematics consisting of publishable research. Each student’s course of Ph.D. study is planned individually by the student, the student’s adviser, and the student’s graduate committee. This planning allows the student and adviser to develop specific programs in any of a large number of areas of mathematics.

The Ph.D. degree requires at least 72 semester credits beyond the bachelor’s degree. Additional requirements for the doctorate consist of a series of milestone examinations including a two part Qualifying Examination, a preliminary Examination and a Final Dissertation Defense. The Ph.D. preliminary examination, administered by the student’s Ph.D. committee, is a written and/or oral examination taken near the end of the course work and at the beginning of the work on the dissertation. All dissertations must be successfully defended in an open final oral examination.

The official Program Code for the Ph.D. degree is:  MATH-PhD

The Ph.D. requirements can be found using the link below or in the Graduate Program Handbook which can be found on the Graduate Program homepage.

Ph.D. in Mathematics

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