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Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – General & Education concentrations

What are Accelerated Programs?

Colorado State University offers students the opportunity to graduate by the end of their third spring or summer term for select programs of study. Accelerated Programs typically include 15-16 credits each fall and spring semester for three years, plus 6-9 credits each summer. Students who enter CSU with prior credit (AP, IB, transfer, etc.) may use applicable courses to further accelerate their graduation. Accelerated Programs are available to new degree-seeking CSU students beginning Fall 2020.

Mathematics (general/education concentration) Accelerated Degree Program

The Office of Admissions and your Academic Success Coordinator (ASC) will help you create a custom plan for accelerated study based on your needs and goals.

General Mathematics Concentration:  The General Mathematics concentration is a liberal arts program providing both a strong mathematics core and many free electives. This concentration is well suited for students who want to combine mathematics with other areas, e.g. business, law, computer science, or statistics. It is also good for students who want to prepare for graduate study in mathematics.

Sample career paths: The career options for General Math majors are vast and varied.  A few examples include working with the National Security Agency, the military, in education, computing or engineering firms. The general concentration also prepares students for graduate work in mathematics or related fields. Mathematics is a great option for pre-law and pre-med students. Resources on jobs for mathematics majors can be found at:

Mathematical Association of America: http://mathcareers.maa.org/

American Mathematical Society: http://www.ams.org/profession/

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics: http://www.siam.org/careers/thinking.php

The Education Concentration:  The B.S. in Mathematics with an Education Concentration is a professionally oriented program designed to prepare students for a secondary teaching certificate in Mathematics. Students in this concentration take a strong mathematics core, including the proofs-oriented course in advanced calculus required in the other concentrations. The program aims to prepare leaders in secondary education.

How to apply

Step 1

Meet with your Academic Success Coordinator to discuss whether an accelerated program is right for you. Interested students should also visit with staff in the Office of Financial Aid for additional options and resources.

Step 2

To declare your intent, complete the Accelerated Programs Agreement provided by your advisor.

The benefits of an Accelerated Program

Students who graduate in 3 or 3 ½ years will need to invest in summer tuition, fees, and related expenses, but may reduce their overall cost of attendance. The opportunity to enter a graduate or professional degree program or begin earning a professional salary earlier may enhance lifetime earnings.

While pursuing Accelerated Programs has many benefits, there are also important considerations. For instance, you may not have the opportunity to explore majors and add additional programs of study such as minors or second majors. If you change your major, an accelerated path may no longer work for you. If at any time you decide to opt out of an Accelerated Program, you should meet with your advisor to discuss taking more time for degree completion, and, if using financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid.