Minor in Mathematics

If you are majoring in a technical area such as engineering or computer science your major requirements may put you just one or two courses short of a Minor in Mathematics. To earn a minor you must complete a calculus sequence and then take 12 credits of upper-division (300+) mathematical sciences. Of these 12 credits, 9 credits must be in mathematics but the remaining 3 credits can be in CS, math, or stat.  Details on the math minor are found on the math minor checksheet.

To add a mathematics minor, contact mathdept@math.colostate.edu.

Minor in Mathematical Biology

The Department of Mathematics offers courses on mathematical modeling of biological systems.  These include MATH/BZ 348: Theory of Population and Evolutionary Ecology and MATH 455: Mathematics in Biology and Medicine.

To add a minor in mathematical biology, contact mathdept@math.colostate.edu