Lesson Plans

  • Hackin’ Hackenbush

    • Hackenbush is a famous mathematical game that can be used to construct weird kinds of numbers such as surreal numbers, and nimbers! This lesson uses the game as a springboard to exploration of game theory, where Jammers will generalize strategies, while also touching on basic graph theory.
  • Totally Topological Tricks

    • This is a discovery-based lesson where teams of Jammers work together to solve puzzles, causing them to see everyday shapes differently, and explore topological concepts in a hands-on environment.
  • Imaginary Numbers are Real!

    • This lesson takes a historical look at number systems, setting the stage for self-discovery of imaginary numbers. The complex plane is used as a tool to think of complex operations in terms of geometry, and develop an intuition behind the math.
  • Ready, SET, Go!

    • Race to be the first to find a set!  The game of SET features 81 unique cards that vary in color, shape, number, and shading.  This lesson utilizes the game as a platform to introduce various topics in combinatorics, probability, and set theory.
  • Gaming the System of Gaming

    • What makes a game fair? What risks are good to take in games? What happens if a game has to end before someone wins? In this lesson, participants take the role of contestants in  famous problems in games and probability, and analyze what the best courses of action are for players. Powerpoint for the lesson available here.
  • Cryptography 

    • This one-hour lesson plan guides students through a brief history of cryptography – the science of making secret codes, before exploring the math behind how they work. Concepts from number theory come and modular mathematics are unraveled as students try to decipher and make their own codes!

Past Jams

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