Math Jam Junior

Math Jam Junior is a group from Colorado State’s mathematics department that brings exciting math to you! We were excited to participate in our first Math Fair this December, and will be looking to bring the joy of math to elementary school students and their parents! Math Jam Junior uses hands-on, fun, and accessible activities to teach students not only an intuition for the math they learn in school, but also about novel math we research at CSU!

Math Jam Junior had the opportunity this year to participate in the Little Shop of Physics Open House, which had attendance in the thousands!

Our Team

Amie Bray – Math Jam Junior and Special Events Coordinator

Amie Bray is a graduate student in the department of mathematics studying number theory. She grew up in Northern Colorado and earned her Bachelors degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Secondary Teaching from the University of Northern Colorado. Amie is dedicated to giving back to her community, and is particularly excited to share her passion for mathematics and teaching with all.