Math Jam is a group of graduate students, faculty, and undergraduates from Colorado State University dedicated to bringing math to communities all around us through a variety of programs. We know math becomes stronger through varied viewpoints, and are working to break down barriers that have prevented populations from participating in the joys of mathematics in the past.

The high-impact and immersive programs we offer are available to everyone interested. For our flagship summer camp, participants will be charged a small registration fee, or can receive one of our many scholarships generously funded by both the CSU Math Department and private donations, which can be made here.

Math Jam (formerly known as Math Circles) has been a part of CSU for more than 10 years. Let us show you how applicable, beautiful, creative, and cooperative a topic math can be.

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A point of pride for those of us who coordinate this camp is that we are able to keep the price down and offer scholarships. This is accomplished through the generosity of our Mathematics Department, as well as people like you, who know the value of cultivating positive mathematical experiences. If you would be interested in giving a tax-deductible donation, click below!