Join us for a week of mathematical exploration and discovery led by CSU mathematicians! We will learn unique and exciting math not covered in school. We will use these mathematical tools to delve into science, technology, engineering, and art. Days will feature in-depth and interactive sessions, a campus-wide scavenger hunt, and more!


In July 2020, the Math Jam Summer Camp team held our first ever Math Jam Virtual Summer Camp!

Stay tuned for information about Math Jam Summer Camp for summer of 2021! This information will be available in December 2020.

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Our Team

Justin O’Connor – Camp Coordinator

Justin is coordinating Math Jam Summer Camp for his second year. He is a graduate student in the math department studying finite element methods and topology optimization. Before coming to CSU, Justin earned a B.S. in Physics, and a M.Ed. in secondary education, and also taught at a middle school for two years.

Shannon Golden – Camp Coordinator

Shannon is coordinating Math Jam Summer Camp for the first time this year. Shannon is a second year graduate student in the math department who earned a Masters Degree in Math through CSU, and is now working towards a PhD. Before coming to CSU, Shannon earned bachelor degrees in both Mathematics and Education.