SUnMaRC Schedule

Friday, April 14, 2023
5:00-6:00 pm Bike tour of campus Meet at the lobby of the Weber building
5:30-6:30 pm Sign-in Engineering E-105
5:30-6:30 pm Dinner – catered by Chipotle Mexican Grill Engineering E-104/E-105
6:00-6:35 pm Poster Session Engineering E-105
Tia Karkos (Colorado State University): Evasion Paths in Mobile Sensor Networks
Kyrylo Voinkov (Arizona State University) Method Laplace as Original Quantization Rule in Work of Schrodinger
Nicholas McBride (Colorado State University): Homotopy Groups on Shadows of Simplicial Complexes
6:50 pm Mark Shoemaker – Plenary Lecture (Hidden Fractals in Pascal’s triangle) Engineering 120
7:30 pm Social Activities and Math Problems Engineering 120
Saturday, April 15, 2023
8:10 am Welcome
1:15-2:30 pm Concurrent Session 1a Engineering E-104 Concurrent Session 1b Engineering E-105
8:30-8:45 am David Kott (Colorado State University) Making BERT Emotional Chris Tapo (Arizona State U.) Standard Pairs and Graded Local Cohomology
8:50-9:05 am Morgan Dean (US Air Force Academy) Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Develop Conversational AI Ethan Morgan (Univ. of Arizona) Minimal-genus graph embeddings for a prescribed automorphism group
9:10-9:25 am Marlene Lorber (US Air Force Academy) Relating Computational and Experimental Ignition Delay Time Nicholas McBride (Colorado State U.) Homotopy Groups on Shadows of Simplicial Complexes/td>
9:30-9:45 am Shuhuai Qin (Colorado State U.) Understanding the oil market: A data-science approach Andrew Liu (US Air Force Academy) Thinking Categorically with Andrew: Lessons Learned from Self-Studying Category Theory
10:00-11:00 am Panel discussion (Cigole Thomas, Paul Hurtado, Luis David Garcia Puente, Jocelyn Rios and Yajing Liu)  “Your Career Path: How did you choose it, or did it choose you?” Engineering 120
11:00-12:00 pm Cigole Thomas – Plenary Lecture “Dynamics of Group Action on Varieties” Engineering 120
12:00-1:00 pm Lunch Foundry Dining Hall
1:15-2:30 pm Concurrent Session 2a Engineering E-104 Concurrent Session 2b Engineering E-105
1:15-1:30 pm Caden Wilson (US Air Force Academy) Euclid’s 5th Postulate Julie Trimber (US Air Force Academy) Intro to Cryptography
1:35-1:50 pm Aldo Morelli (Univ. of New Mexico) Spherical Sets avoiding distances and triangles Katie Fitts (Univ. of Arizona) The Ever-Increasing Need for Scientific Knowledge in Policy and Law
1:55-2:10 pm Alex Kreider (US Air Force Academy) Counting Perfect Cubes Madeline Fischer (US Air Force Academy) A Bayesian Analysis on Artificial Human Decision Making
2:15-2:30 pm Arjun Nigam (Univ. of Arizona) Enriched Enumerative Geometry Phillipos Dimitroglou (US Air Force Academy) The Game of Destroy the Graph
2:30-3:00 pm Break
3:00-4:00 pm Paul Hurtado – Plenary Lecture “A generalized linear chain trick (GLCT) for improving ODE model derivation & analysis” Engineering 120
4:00-5:30 pm Graduate School panel ((Jennifer Mueller, Kristina Moen and others) Engineering 120
5:30 pm Dinner and movie Dinner and Planetarium at Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.  Use Fort Collins Max Busses to Travel FCMD Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
7:30 pm Group activities Engineering E-103 and E-105
Sunday, April 16, 2023
9:00-10:00 am Plenary Lecture – Luis David Garcia Puente  “Estimating Gaussian Mixtures: An introduction to algebraic statistics” Engineering 120
10:20-11:15 am Concurrent Session 3a Engineering E-104 Concurrent Session 3b Engineering E-105
10:20-10:35 am Ikumi Ellis (Arizona State U.) Analytical and Numerical Methods in Quantum Mechanics for Diatomic Molecules Jacob Khan (US Air Force Academy) Maximizing Harvest Yields in a Three-Species System
10:40-10:55 am Emelia McLaughlin (US Air Force Academy) The differences between Quantum and Classical computing as shown by the game of Plinko Maxine Cruz and Dharma Hoy (Univ. of Arizona): An Analysis of Water Data in Saguaro National Park
11:00-11:15 am Muhammad Maulana, Dans Uriel Ferrer (US Air Force Academy)
Plotting Airfoils Using Joukowsky and Karman-Trefftz Conformal Maps
11:15 am Concluding remarks Engineering 120
11:30 am Lunch to-go or eat in at Foundry Dining Hall Foundry Dining Hall