The research activity in differential equations at CSU includes both ordinary and partial differential equations and embraces numerical/computational as well as theoretical investigations. There is considerable activity in the area of dynamical systems, particularly in the study of instabilities and pattern formation with applications to pattern analysis and neural networks. This activity is leading to increasing collaboration (in the form of joint seminars and cooperative degree programs etc.) with various departments of biological sciences on campus.

Research activity in partial differential equations includes such topics as: new techniques for a posteriori error analysis for finite element solutions of elliptic boundary value problems, computational fluid dynamics, vector algorithms and numerical methods for conservation laws, reconstruction algorithms for electrical impedance tomography (EIT), as well as direct and inverse problems associated with flow in porous media, including modelling of contaminant transport in groundwater. These efforts have led to cooperative links with various engineering departments and with soil physicists in the agronomy department.

The following faculty members have research interests in Differential Equations.

Margaret Cheney / Professor
Phone: (970) 491-6478
Office: Weber 218

Inverse Problems, Radar Imaging

Gerhard Dangelmayr / Professor Emeritus

Dynamical Systems and Applications

Oleg Emanouilov / Professor
Phone: (970) 491-7475
Office: Weber 220

Partial differential equations, optimal control, inverse problems

Jiangguo Liu / Professor
Phone: (970) 491-3067
Office: Weber 127

Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing

Jennifer Mueller / Professor, Yates Endowed Chair
Phone: (970) 491-7417
Office: Weber 203

Inverse problems, electrical impedance tomography, medical imaging, PDE's

Iuliana Oprea / Associate Professor
Phone: (970) 491-6751
Office: Weber 123

Dynamical systems; pattern formation; fluid dynamics, hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stability and bifurcation; numerical analysis; mathematical modeling

Olivier Pinaud / Professor
Phone: (970) 491-5138
Office: Weber 215

Partial Differential Equations, Waves in Random Media, Inverse Problems, Quantum Transport

Louis Scharf / Professor
Phone: (970) 491-6792
Office: Weber 126

Statistical Signal Processing , Wireless Communication

Patrick Shipman / Professor

Applied Maths, Dynamical Systems, Differential Geometry

Simon Tavener / Executive Associate Dean, Professor of Mathematics
Office: Statistics Building 117

Colleen Webb / Professor - Dean of the Graduate School
Phone: (970) 491-6723
Office: Student Services 108

My research focuses on how the interplay between ecological and evolutionary mechanisms affects the dynamics and persistence of ecological systems. We particularly focus on disease ecology and trait-based approaches in ecology and use quantitative techniques to address questions in these areas.

Yongcheng Zhou / Professor
Phone: (970) 491-0237
Office: Weber 213

Numerical Methods for PDEs, Mathematical Biology, Fluid Dynamics