PACe Course Overview

At CSU pre-calculus mathematics is organized into sequences of one-credit courses:

MATH 117   College Algebra in Context I
MATH 118   College Algebra in Context II
MATH 124   Logarithmic and Exponential Functions
MATH 125   Numerical Trigonometry
MATH 126   Analytic Trigonometry

Each Precalculus course is organized into four units or chapters. The requirement for satisfactorily completing a course is to demonstrate competence with the course material by taking Unit Exams and a comprehensive Final Exam, and achieving satisfactory scores. Students will also need to earn a minimum number of points to complete the course. All Unit and Final Exams are given in the Precalculus Center. If necessary, a student may take Unit and Final Exams several times to earn the required score or the score desired. When a student completes a course, his or her final grade is determined from the sum of his or her best scores for each of the four Unit Exams and Final Exam, plus any points earned by passing the Review Exams by the applicable due date. The Precalculus Center provides many Learning Resources to help students master the course material.