Office: Weber 108
Phone: (970) 491-6452

Manage appointment calendar for Department Chair

Manage faculty meeting agendas

Manage agenda for the chair’s Administrative team

Collect documents for annual reviews; arrange appointments with chair

Organize and manage the 5-year review process for faculty

Assist with the organization of conferences and social events hosted by the department and/or department chair.

Coordinate and organize the faculty events for retiree receptions and emeritus memorial services.

Assist retires with emeritus applications.

Manage and arrange all campus visits with finalist candidates; prepare and arrange interview schedule.

Workmen comp claims

Promotion and tenure reviews; additionally mid-tenure reviews, 5-years reviews, and P2T reviews for assistant professors yet to receive tenure

Department committee agendas and minutes

Maintain Talent Management System process, working with department chair and search committees.

Responsible for all ads postings for the department searches and pools.

Manages the faculty, administrative professional, instructors and pool hires using the CSU hiring procedures and processes

Arrange department hotel requests for visitors, guests, and speakers.

Restaurant reservations for special events

Visa applications for faculty and postdoc hires

Manages coffee collections and charges for all employees

Maintain faculty ballot processes

Office: NA
Phone: NA
Email:  NA

Semester schedule of courses and teaching preferences

DAR information/interpretation

Textbook ordering

Night examination and final examination room scheduling

Class rolls

Curriculum changes

Enrollment numbers

Math majors/minors

Override documentation

Course Syllabi files

Office:  Weber 104
Phone:  (970) 491-7925
Email:  elder@math

Substitute teachers for faculty & GTA’s

Room arrangement for thesis defenses

Graduate school interactions

Graduate school forms

Math Day staff coordinator

Graduation pre-checks

Key manager

Building proctor – all maintenance issues

Building renovations


Office:  Weber 101
Phone: (970) 491-3425

Common exam & Common final exam photocopying

Schedule use of computer lab room 205/206

Conference/Seminar room reservations and/or catering needs

Course evaluations/filing/updating

Phone list information update

Weber room reservations

Special mailing

Copier assistance

Supplies requests

Fax information

Assist in the absence of undergraduate and/or graduate coordinators

Sheri Hofeling:

Office:  Weber 110
Phone:  (970) 491-7047

Jane Owen-Maul:

Office:  Weber 110
Phone:  (970) 491-1909

Shelly Dragan:

Office:  Weber 110
Phone:  (970) 491-1909


Accounting issues/Purchasing

Grants/Start-up accounts/Dept accounts

Travel – including in-house & pre-travel forms

Travel (post travel)


HR issues


PCARD reallocation