Registration Deadline: Friday, October 27, 2023

Teachers will use the online registration system to:

  • Register their school.
  • Enter the names of all students who will be participating.
  • Enter the number of posters you will bring to the Mathematics Fair.
  • Indicate how many three-person teams are desired.
  • Indicate if you are a large or small school.

It is highly recommended that you register your school and students early.  Schools who register after the deadline may not be allowed to participate in the team competition.

You may access the Math Day registration site here.

Math Day Check-in:  Registration check in begins on Thursday, November 2nd at 7:30 a.m. on the third floor of Lory Student Center outside the Grand Ballroom.  Even though your school has pre-registered, you MUST check in at our registration desk.  We will verify the names of all students that you bring and collect any registration fees due.

All student participants will receive an ID name tag at the registration desk that must be worn throughout the day so that students participating in the team competition can be identified.

We have two options for paying your registration fee of $25 per student. 

At Math Day check-in:

You may pay your full registration fee at the check-in table on November 2nd either with a check made out to Colorado State University, or by credit card.


Pay Before Math Day:

We are not able to provide refunds for over-payment of registration fees, so you should only pay before Math Day if you are quite certain that your registration fee will not change.

Pay your registration fee by check:

Send a check made out to Colorado State University to the following address:

Department of Mathematics
Math Day Registration
1874 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO  80523-1874

Please mail your check so that it will arrive before Math Day!

Pay your registration fee by credit card:

After Math Day registration closes at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 27th, an email will be sent to the contact person designated in the registration system with a link to pay the registration fee of $25 per student by credit card.

Dr. Dusty Ross of San Francisco State University will deliver the The Math Day Public Lecture.

Dr. Ross graduated from CSU with an MS in 2009 and a PhD in 2013.

Bio: Dustin Ross earned a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Northern Iowa and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Colorado State University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan and spent a year as a visiting scholar at the Swiss Federal Institute. Since 2016, he has called San Francisco home, where he is a professor of mathematics at San Francisco State University.

Professor Ross works on problems at the intersection of algebra, geometry, and combinatorics, and is especially excited to find new bridges between seemingly disparate areas of mathematics. He has a passion for learning, teaching, mentoring, and creating mathematical spaces that are welcoming and supportive. Professor Ross is also a husband and a father of a rambunctious two-year-old, and with his family, he enjoys spending much of his free time falling from granite blocks in the Sierras.

To learn more about Professor Ross, please see his website:

Title: A geometer’s guide to log-concavity

Abstract: Chromatic polynomials count the number of ways to color a graph’s vertices so that no two adjacent vertices have the same color. One of the great combinatorial conjectures of the 20th century claimed that the chromatic polynomial of any graph is log-concave, meaning that the square of each of its interior coefficients is at least as big as the product of its neighbors. This conjecture remained unresolved for over 50 years until, in a major mathematical breakthrough, June Huh finally resolved it in 2012. In this talk, we’ll explore chromatic polynomials, log-concavity, and a recently-discovered method by which we can view Huh’s result through the lens of classical ideas in geometry.


For a list of previous Key-Note speakers click here.

The Mathematics Fair is a new event and your participation is strongly encouraged! We would like to encourage active engagement from all of our participants.

Components of the fair include:

  • A Mathematical themed puzzles and games corner.
  • A Mathematical themed section on constructions, devices, models, and art.
  • A Mathematical themed poster session.

We encourage each of you to participate in any and all of these components. In particular, please encourage your students to design a poster (individually or in groups) to be displayed.

For planning purposes, please let us know how many posters you plan to bring. Poster display boards will be provided.

Within the poster session, there will be three broad categories:

  • Mathematical Models and Art – Including multi-media, 3D printing, mechanisms, etc.
  • Original Mathematics Research
  • Mathematical Ideas, History, and Educational Innovations

Prizes will be awarded to the best posters in each category. In addition, participants will be eligible for a prize determined by random drawing.

A highlight of the day is a college bowl-style competition which features a full, double-elimination tournament with three-member teams from 64 schools competing in separate tournaments representing large and small schools.

Every school is allowed one 3-person team; however, you may request additional teams and every effort will be made to accommodate multiple teams for each school.  This is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be decided after all schools have checked in at the registration table.

Information about the number of teams each school has been allowed, the name assigned to each team along with the time and place of their first competition will be posted on the two large monitors located outside the Grand Ballroom beginning at 10:30 a.m.  The typical nomenclature for naming is as follows

Best High School A, Best High School B, Best High School C

Important:  Once you know how many teams you have and BEFORE competitions begin, decide the roster for each 3-person team.  Complete the team roster card provided at the registration desk listing the name of the team, and ALL team members.  This card must accompany the team to all competitions.  Schools who make it to the finals must present this card so that team membership can be verified.

Once the competition begins these teams are set and substitutions between teams is not allowed.  Substitutions within teams is only allowed between rounds.  If a team is eliminated, ALL members of that team are out of the competition and cannot move to a different team still competing.

At 11:00 a.m. the large school competitions begin.

At 11:20 a.m. the small school competitions begin.

Large monitors displaying team competition brackets will be maintained outside the Grand Ballroom.  This allows both teachers and students to keep track of their school’s progress in the TEAM competitions.

Study materials and sample questions for the Team Competition can be found here

Lunch is on your own, as your schedule permits. Lory Student Center offers a number of dining choices. In addition there are a wide variety of choices adjacent to campus including Fuzzy Tacos, Wendy’s, Jim’s Wings, MacDonald’s, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Pita Pit, Sonic, Bluebird Cafe, Rainbow Cafe, Pickle Barrel, Chipotle, and Noodles.

For students participating in the TEAM competition, we recommend lunch during one of the 20 minute off-periods during the early rounds of competition, as there are no off-periods for winners in the rounds after 1:00pm.

Math Day Location: Colorado State University, Lory Student Center

Check-in: All schools must check in between 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Please arrive early! Check in will end promptly at 9 to organize teams.

Buses: Purchase an Event Parking Pass (see steps below) and park in designated Lot 195 (by Moby Arena), on the west side.

Vehicles: Option to purchase an Event Parking Pass, park in any non-permit PayMobile (pay per hour) space, or the parking garage.

Purchase an Event Parking Pass:

1) Copy this access code on your mobile device/computer: MTH123

2) Click on the words “Filter & Access Codes” under the Math Day blue banner to open the Math Day parking webpage. 

3)  Paste the access code in the textbox at the bottom of this page.

4) Select your lot, enter your license plate and payment info to reserve your space

5) The above steps are found at this link

Note: This special access parking pass is not compatible with the ParkMobile App or their designated pay-per-hour lots

More On-Campus Parking: Options

Horn Shuttle: The free campus shuttle, Around the Horn, is a great way to travel from Lot 195 because it stops at the Lory Student Center. Around the Horn, runs every 20 minutes, 7 a.m. – 6:40 p.m.

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