M. Maria Chudovsky  (October 23-24, 2017)
MacArthur Fellow – 2012, Princeton University, Department of Mathematics, PACM: The Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics

Public Lecture: Parties, doughnuts and coloring
Research Seminar: Graphs with Forbidden Induced Subgraphs
Colloquium: Perfect and Beyond

M. Gregory Forest  (April 4 – 6, 2016)
Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor, Departments of Mathematics & Biomedical Engineering, Director, Carolina Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Public Lecture: The Virtual Lung Project at UNC
Colloquium: Dynamic organization of DNA in living yeast
Research Seminar: Transient anomalous diffusion in mucus gels and other biological fluids

Andrea L. Bertozzi  (March 23, 2015)
Betsy Wood Knapp Chair for Innovation and Creativity, Director of Applied Mathematics, University of California Los Angeles

Public Lecture: Math of Crime
Colloquium: Swarming by Nature and by Design
Research Seminar: Geometric graph-based methods for high dimensional data

Alex Lubotzky  (February 3, 2014)
Maurice and Clara Weil Chair of Mathematics, Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Public Lecture: Real applications of non real numbers
Colloquium: Ramanujan graphs and error correcting codes
Research Seminar: From Ramanujan graphs to Ramanujan complexes

Pascal Chossat   (March 13-15, 2013)
Director of Research, Department of Mathematics, University of Nice and French National Center for Scientific Research

Public Lecture: Bifurcation and symmetry, a mathematical view on pattern formation in nature
Colloquium: Pattern formation on compact Riemann surfaces and applications
Research Seminar: Pattern formation and the bifurcation of heteroclinic cycles

Pascal Chossat  (2012 canceled)

Ridgway Scott  (April 5-7, 2011)
Louis Block Professor, University of Chicago, Computer Science and Mathematics

Public Lecture: Mathematics in drug design
Colloquium: Two tales about Newton’s method
Research Seminar: Optimal algorithms using optimal meshes

Günter Uhlmann  (April 14-15, 2010)
Walker Family Endowment Professor of Mathematics, University of Washington, Department of Mathematics

Public Lecture: Cloaking, Invisibility and Inverse Problems
Colloquium: 30 years of Calderón’s inverse problem
Research Seminar: Travel Time Tomography and Boundary Rigidity

Roland Glowinski  (April 22-24, 2009)
Cullen Professor of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston

Public Lecture: Adventures in Computing
General Seminar: Particle clustering in rotating cylinders
Research Seminar: A Least-Squares/Fictitious Domain Method for Linear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems with Neumann or Robin Boundary Conditions: A Virtual Control Approach

Dr. Desmond J. Higham, FRSE  (January 22-24, 2008)
Professor of Mathematics University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK  –  Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Public Lecture: Network Science: Joining the Dot
Colloquium: Spectral Algorithms for Biological Networks
Research Seminar: Stochastic Differential Equations with Switches

Efmi Zelmanov  (March 26-28, 2007)
Fields Medalist, Professor of Mathematics at University of California, San Diego.

Public Lecture: Algebra in the 20th Century
Colloquium:  Profinite Groups
Seminar:  Some open problems concerning Infinite-Dimensional Algebras

Richard Ewing  (April 14-16, 2006)
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Engineering, and Vice-President of Research, Texas A&M University

Public Lecture:  Mathematical Modeling: How Powerful Is It
Colloquium:  Mathematical Modeling in Energy and Environmental Applications
Seminar:  Eulerian-Lagrangian Localized Adjoint Methods for Transport Problems

Bernd Sturmfels  (March 21-23, 2005)
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley

Public Lecture – Algebraic Statistics for Computational Biology
Colloquium – Tropical Geometry
Seminar – Solving the Likelihood Equations

John G McWhirter FRS FREng  (March 22-23, 2004)
Senior Fellow, QinetiQ Ltd, Malvern Technology Centre

Graduate Student Lecture – The Mathematics of Independent Component Analysis
Public Lecture – Mathematics, Who Needs It Anyway
Mathematics Lecture – A Novel Technique for Boardband Signular Value Decomposition

Tom Mullin  (April 30- May 2, 2003)
Manchester Center for Nonlinear Dynamics

Public Lecture – Patterns in the Sand: The Physics of Granular Flow
Mathematics Lecture – Can Granular Segregation be considered as a Phase Transition?
Mathematics Lecture – Balls in Syrup: A ‘Simple’ Dynamical System

Heinz-Otto Peitgen  (April 5 and April 8, 2002)
University of Bremen and Florida Atlantic University

General Lecture – Harnessing Chaos
Mathematics Lecture – Mathematical Methods in Medical Imaging: Analysis of Vascular Structures for Liver Surgery Planning

Robert Calderbank  (April 17-20, 2001)
AT&T Laboratories

General Lecture – 50 Years of Information and Coding
Mathematics Colloquium – Combinatorics, Quantum Computing and Cellular Telephones
Algebraic Combinatorics Seminar – Tailbiting Representations of the Binary Golay Code

Gilbert Strang (April 10-11, 2000)

General Lecture – Partly Random Graphs and Small World Networks
Colloquium Lecture – Cosine Transforms and Wavelet Transforms and Signal Processing
Seminar Lecture – Teaching Applied Mathematics

Cheryl Praeger  (1999)
University of Western Australia

General Lecture – Symmetries of Designs
Colloquium Lecture – Algorithms for computing with groups of matrices over finite fields
Seminar Lecture – Quasiprimitive permutation groups and their actions on graphs and linear spaces

Raghu Varadhan  (1998)
Courant Institute of Mathematics

General Lecture – How Rare Is Rare?
Colloquium Lecture – Problems of Hydrodynamic Scaling
Seminar Lecture – Large Deviations for the Simple Exclusion Process

Marty Golubitsky (1997)
University of Houston

General Lecture – Symmetry and Chaos: Patterns on Average
Colloquium Lecture – Oscillations in Coupled Systems and Animal Gaits
Seminar Lecture – Spiral Waves and Other Planar Patterns

Fabrizio Catanese  (1996)
University of Pisa

General Lecture – Moduli of surfaces and differentiable 4-manifolds
Colloquium Lecture – Enriques’ rough classification of algebraic surfaces and the fine classification
Seminar Lecture – Homological algebra and algebraic surfaces

Lawrence Sirovich  (1994)
Brown University

General Lecture – Image Analysis
Colloquium Lecture – Dynamics of Wall-Bounded Turbulence
Seminar Lecture – EOF Analysis of TOMS Ozone Image Data

Bill Jones  (1993)
University of Colorado

Public Talk – Szego Polynomials Applied to Signal Processing