Testing Procedures

A requirement for satisfactorily completing a PACe course is to qualify for and pass the four Unit Exams, in order, and the comprehensive Final Exam with scores of at least 80% and earn a minimum number of points in the course. Unit Exams consist of ten items, so at least eight items must be answered correctly to meet course requirements and be eligible to go on to the next unit. The Final Exam consists of twenty items, so at least sixteen must be answered correctly.

Qualifying to Take a Unit or Final Exam

To be eligible to take a Unit or Final Exam, a student must meet the following requirements:

Units Exams
  • successfully completed all five of the unit’s Required Assignments
  • passed the Review Exam for that unit, with a score of at least 80%
Final Exam
  • passed all four Unit Exams with scores of at least 80%

Re-qualifying to take a Unit Exam

Students will be allowed to take each Unit Exam twice, after qualifying for the exam. If a student has not passed the Unit Exam after the second attempt, the student must re-qualify by passing the applicable Review Exam again. Once a student qualifies for the Final Exam, they do not need to re-qualify. The “My Status” link will list the number of Unit Exam Attempts available.

Students will not need to re-qualify if they have previously passed the Unit Exam and just want to re-test to improve their grade.

Re-testing on a Unit or Final Exam

There are no restrictions on the number of times a student may take an exam on a particular unit or the Final Exam. Regardless of how many times they have taken an exam, only the best passing score will count toward the final grade. If a student retakes an exam and score lower than on a previous attempt, the lower score will have no effect on the grade.

Students may retest in any previously passed unit of any PACe course until the due date for the Final Exam for that course. If they have passed the final exam, they may continue to retest until the last day of classes for the current semester. Student may need to retest to earn enough points to complete the course and/or may wish to retest to improve their grade.

If the student is taking several PACe courses, they may retake exams from an earlier course even though the student may have started working on the next course. For example, if a student finished his first course but only earned a “C” grade, he may proceed to another course and at the same time continue to work on the first one to earn a higher grade.

What’s Needed (and not needed) to Take Exams

A student will need the following items to take an exam in the Testing Center:

  • RamCard (current Colorado State University ID card)
  • pencil or pen

Students are NOT permitted to use any reference materials of any kind on the exam. If a student is found to be in possession of reference materials while working on the exam, the student will be charged with academic misconduct.

Calculators are needed for all exams. Texas Instruments TI-83® or TI-84® Graphing Calculators are used in the PACe courses and are provided for use in the Testing Center. Personal calculators are not permitted in the Testing Center. Students who are not familiar with the TI-83® or TI-84® may check out a calculator and manual from the Resource Desk to practice within the PACe Center.

Personal items such as MP3 players, cellular phones, backpacks, notebooks, and calculators may not be brought into the Testing Center. Since belongings left unattended in the PACe Center have occasionally been stolen, we strongly recommend that students store personal belongings in one of the lockers in the hallway while they are in the Testing Center. For safety reasons, items must not be left on the floor in the hallway outside the PACe Testing Center. Backpacks and other items left on the floor in the hallway or left unattended in the PACe Center will be impounded.

Taking an Exam in the PACe Testing Center

  1. At the check-in desk, students should present their RamCard and ask for the exam they want to take.
  2. If the student is eligible to take the exam requested and there is no problem with the student’s record, the staff member will assign a computer station and give scratch paper to the student. An on-screen calculator will be provided.
  3. The student’s RamCard, with picture showing, should be placed at the assigned testing computer. The exam will begin after the student enters his CSU student ID number.
  4. You will be prompted to acknowledge the CSU Honor Pledge:
    “I will not give, receive, or use any unauthorized assistance.”
  5. The computer will keep track of how much time is left to complete the exam. When the time limit is reached the exam is automatically submitted.
    Time limits for exams are as follows:

    Unit Exams 40 minutes
    Final Exam 75 minutes
  6. Students are encouraged to write the solution to each exam problem on the scratch paper. Writing solutions helps to organize thinking and avoid mistakes. Written solutions provide a starting point for discussing questions with a course assistant, and are useful for reviewing for the Final Exam. Students can raise their hand to summon a proctor for more scratch paper.
  7. After submitting the exam, students need to hand their RamCard to be scanned by the staff member at the checkout counter.
  8. Exam scores and course progress can be checked via the “My Status” link located within the online course materials.