MS Students:

All MS graduate students are required to register for 1 credit of Seminar – MATH 592.003 every semester until they have a permanent advisor.  Once a permanent advisor is chosen, the advisor will determine the nature of the seminar requirement, if any.  During the course of each semester a minimum of 10 one-hour seminar meetings selected from the Green slopes, the Mathematics Colloquium, or research seminars organized by the mathematics faculty must be attended to satisfy the seminar requirement.  Students will maintain an attendance sheet that will be signed by the seminar organizer and submitted to the Graduate Coordinator at the end of the semester.  The attendance sheet can be found here.

PhD Students:  

Breadth seminar requirement: every graduate student must pass the following two seminars within their first two years at CSU. 

Seminar on applications of math.

1-credit. (Fall) MATH 592.001

Seminar on diversity of mathematics and mathematicians in the 20th century. 

1-credit.  (Spring) MATH 592.002