All Colorado State University Mathematics graduate students are required to register for 1 credit of MATH 592 (Greenslopes seminar) every semester before they have a permanent advisor. Once a permanent advisor is chosen, the advisor will determine the nature of the seminar requirement, if any.

What constitutes a seminar? During the course of each semester a minimum of 10 one-hour seminar meetings selected from Green Slopes, the Mathematics Colloquium, or research seminars organized by mathematics faculty must be attended to satisfy the seminar requirement. Students will maintain an attendance sheet that will be signed by the seminar organizer each week and submitted to the graduate coordinator at the end of the semester.

A limited number of credits may be earned for seminars: All grades for seminars based on attendance are awarded on an S/U basis. No more than two S/U seminar credits may count towards the MS program credit requirements and no more than an additional two S/U seminar credits may be used to count towards the PhD program credit requirements. If a student arranges to perform additional work, then a letter grade may be awarded and the seminar credit may be used over and above the S/U credits allowed for the MS and Ph.D. programs.

Seminar Philosophy in Mathematics: Students should attend seminars as much as possible early in their program to assist them in identifying fields of interest. After an advisor is selected s/he should play a central role recommending courses, including seminars. Roaming attendance supports the philosophy of students freely exploring their interests.