The Graduate Committee, The Mathematics Graduate Committee is responsible for the administration of the graduate programs offered by the Department.  Its responsibilities include making recommendations of admission or denial of admission to the Graduate School for each applicant to the mathematics graduate program, making decisions on GTA offers, and making proposals for faculty review and action regarding graduate course offerings and other aspects of the graduate programs.

The Graduate Committee consists of the following members:

  • Jennifer Mueller (Graduate Director and Committee Chair)
  • James Liu
  • Amit Patel
  • Liz Arnold
  • Erin Dawson (Graduate Student Representative)
  • Bryan Elder (Graduate Coordinator)

The Graduate Coordinator, Bryan Elder, is the initial point of contact for the graduate program, and is responsible for the processing of graduate applications, forms, and contracts, as well as providing information on graduate program requirements.

The Graduate Director, Professor Jennifer Mueller, is Chair of the Graduate Committee and provides information on academic aspects of the program, including course offerings and information on research areas of faculty. The Graduate Director also serves as temporary academic advisor for incoming students.

The Graduate Student Representative (GSR), Erin Dawson is another point of contact for students in the program and serves as a liaison between the graduate students and the Graduate Committee.