The goals of GirlsGetMath@CSU are:

  • to show students that the study of mathematics can be exciting, beautiful, and useful
  • to build confidence in students’ mathematical knowledge through engaging and expert mathematical instruction
  • to provide an affirming environment that introduces high school students to a variety of career opportunities in which sophisticated mathematical ability plays a key role
  • to emphasize the strategic role mathematics plays for success in STEM careers
  • to provide students with a support group and expert mentors who are successful undergraduate, graduate students, postdocs, and professionals from the STEM workforce
  • to have a positive influence on the way students view their mathematical interest and ability


Dr. Jamie Juul (

Dr. Liz Arnold (


The faculty organizers will be joined by graduate students who will serve as teaching assistants for the program.


There is no cost to participate. Daily lunch, snacks, and all program materials will be provided.

To Apply:

Applications are now closed for summer 2024.


Support for GirlsGetMath@CSU is provided by the Mathematical Association of America and the Tensor Foundation, the American Mathematical Society Epsilon Fund, and the Colorado State University Department of Mathematics.

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