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MS Defense of Kirk Bonney

Weber 201

Advisor:  Dr. Rachel Pries Committee:  Dr. Jamie Juul, Dr. Indrajit Ray Title:  GR-NTRU: Understanding the Security of Lattice-based Cryptosystems through Group Rings Originally conceived in 1996 by authors Hoffstein, Pipher, and Silverstein, the Nth-degree Truncated Ring Unit (NTRU) cryptosystem rivals common cryptosystems such as RSA in terms of speed and security. In pursuit of a […]

The Algebraic Combinatorics Seminar

Weber 223

A Potpourri of Projective 2-Designs Emily King Colorado State University   Zauner conjectured that for all $d$ there exists a set of $d^2$ equiangular vectors in $C^d$ (SICs or Gabor equiangular tight frames). Another important open problem concerns the existence of $d+1$ so-called mutually unbiased bases (MUBs) in $C^d$ (maximal sets of MUBs) for any […]

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