Meet our Learning Assistants and Tutors


My name is Meghan and I am a senior getting a double major in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering. I have been a Math 160 tutor for three years now and was a Calc 3 LA. I am a Colorado Native and when I am not studying I am either running, playing tennis, hiking, or exploring.


 I’m currently a senior majoring in Applied Mathematics and Finance here at CSU. I know how frustrating math can be sometimes, so I’m very excited to be helping people with it! On my off days, I usually enjoy playing video games (despite being fairly bad at it), watching movies, and listening to music.


I’m a sophomore majoring in biomedical sciences. I enjoy gardening with all the space of my patio, marathoning true crime shows in between chemistry homework, and hiking or doing yoga



I am a senior biomedical and mechanical engineering student. I am entering my sixth year of Calculus 1 experience, and I have loved every year of it! I am passionate about making math more enjoyable and less stressful for students. I enjoy painting my nails, baking, and spending time with my dog in my free time.



Hey everyone! My name is Amanda and I am a second-year majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. I am a tutor for MATH 261 and 160. I absolutely love math and having the opportunity to share that passion with others is one of the best parts of my day! When I’m not busy with math, I like to bake, go to Horsetooth Reservoir, explore Fort Collins, find cute dogs to pet, and hang out with my friends.


Hello everyone! My name is Jenna, and I’m a senior in mathematics. I love trying to understand why the math works, rather than simply memorizing a process, and I strive to teach that way too. Outside of math, I enjoy painting, reading, and watching movies. I paint with india ink, and most commonly make animal portraits. See you in MATH 161!


Hi! My name is Brandon Simony, and I am a 4th year applied math major here at CSU. I decided to major in math because I thought calculus was awesome, and hopefully I can make you all feel the same!  In my free time, I enjoy playing video and card games, but I love hiking and camping when the weather permits. I took my picture on Little Bear Peak, which I would highly not recommend climbing alone like I did. 
Anyway, I look forward to helping you all in the Calc Center sometime this semester!


Hello! I’m a third-year student majoring in mathematics with a concentration in education. I’m a tutor for MATH160 and am so excited because that was my favorite class to learn about. I love math because it is the one thing that has one clear answer, and is almost always applicable to real life scenarios. Aside from doing and studying math, I love to paint, draw, play my guitar, play with my new kitten, play volleyball, and hang out with my friends!

Do you enjoy math and helping others?

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