Prerequisites for PACe Courses

Each of the courses MATH 117, MATH 118, MATH 124, MATH 125, and MATH 126 has an enforced prerequisite.  Course prerequisites are strictly enforced by both RAMweb and the PACe Program.  To satisfy RAMweb registration requirements, students will need to register for an appropriate combination of PACe courses to ensure that prerequisites are satisfied.

The prerequisites for the PACe courses are shown in the following table:

Course Prerequisite

MATH 117

Satisfactory score on CSU Math Placement.


Completion of MAT 055, MAT 093, or MAT 099, with a grade of C- or better at a Colorado Community College.

MATH 118

MATH 117 or Math Placement

MATH 124

MATH 118 or Math Placement

MATH 125

MATH 118 or Math Placement

MATH 126

MATH 125 or Math Placement

Prerequisites are usually satisfied in one of the following ways:

  • by placing out of course(s) on a CSU Math Placement Tool or Math Challenge Exam;
  • by earning an appropriate score on the CSU Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Exam, (to satisfy prerequisites for MATH 117);
  • by satisfactorily completing course(s) at Colorado State; and
  • by transferring credit for course(s) from another college or university.

If a student has completed CSU Math Placement, or satisfactorily completed prerequisite courses at CSU, the PACe records will contain this information. If a student’s transfer courses have been evaluated and transfer credit awarded for the relevant course, this information will usually be in the PACe records. When a student has satisfied prerequisites by completing CSU Math Placement, by taking CSU courses, or by transferring courses from another school, they need not be concerned about their eligibility to register or take unit exams.

If a student is going to satisfy prerequisites by means of CSU Math Placement and has not yet done so, they should do so before registering for any PACe courses.

If a student is transferring courses to satisfy prerequisites and the courses are not evaluated for transfer before the first day of classes, the student should bring written evidence (e.g. grade report or transcript) that they have successfully completed a suitable prerequisite course to the PACe Office (Weber 137). If a student has questions about whether a course they took at another school is equivalent to the prerequisite CSU course, they may contact the Mathematics Department Office (101 Weber).

Notice that being allowed to register for a PACe courses does not imply that the student is eligible to take the course.  If a student is unable to access the online course materials because of a prerequisite problem, they should come to the PACe Office where the staff will work with the student to determine whether and how he/she satisfied the course prerequisite.

Registering for PACe Courses

Use CSU’s RAMweb registration system to register for PACe courses.

Student should register for all the PACe courses they plan to take during the semester. Students may take as many as five PACe courses in a semester as long as the prerequisite for each course is satisfied or included in the package for which they are registering. Students must register for all the PACe courses they plan to take during the semester by the last day to add courses.  Students should plan on a weekly time commitment of 3 hours per week per course.

Registration Deadline Dates