Fall 2020 Important Dates

All students in precalculus courses are responsible for completing the required coursework on time. Use this table to determine the due dates for your coursework. Follow the column that represents how many precalculus courses you are registered for this semester.

Students enrolled in only one precalculus Course follow either the Track A or Track B dates. Students will follow Track A dates if the course they are completing this semester is MATH 117 or 125. Students will follow Track B dates if the course they are completing this semester is MATH 118, 124, or 126.

Students enrolled in two PACe Courses follow either the Track A or Track B dates. Students will follow Track A dates if the first course they are completing this semester is MATH 117. Students will follow Track B dates if the first course they are completing this semester is MATH 118, 124, 125, or 126.

1 Course 2 Courses 3 Courses 4 Courses 5 Courses
Track A Track B Track A Track B
20-Jan Mon. Holiday
21-Jan Tues.
22-Jan Wed.
23-Jan Thurs.
24-Jan Fri.
27-Jan Mon. Add Deadline
28-Jan Tues. U1 Review*
29-Jan Wed. U1 Review*
30-Jan Thurs. U1 Review*
31-Jan Fri. U1 Review* U2 Review
3-Feb Mon. U2 Review
4-Feb Tues. U1 Review*
5-Feb Wed. U2 Review U3 Review
Drop Deadline
6-Feb Thurs. U1 Review*
7-Feb Fri. U3 Review
10-Feb Mon. U1 Review* U4 Review
11-Feb Tues. U2 Review
12-Feb Wed. U3 Review Final**
13-Feb Thurs. U2 Review U4 Review
14-Feb Fri.
17-Feb Mon. U1 Review
18-Feb Tues. U4 Review Final**
19-Feb Wed.
20-Feb Thurs. U3 Review U2 Review
21-Feb Fri. Final** U1 Review
24-Feb Mon. U3 Review
25-Feb Tues. U2 Review U3 Review
26-Feb Wed. U2 Review
27-Feb Thurs. U2 Review
28-Feb Fri. U1 Review U4 Review
2-Mar Mon. U4 Review
3-Mar Tues. U3 Review Final
4-Mar Wed. U4 Review
5-Mar Thurs. U2 Review
6-Mar Fri. Final** U1 Review
9-Mar Mon. U4 Review
10-Mar Tues. Final**
11-Mar Wed. U3 Review U2 Review
12-Mar Thurs. U3 Review Final
13-Mar Fri. U3 Review
23-Mar Mon. U3 Review
24-Mar Tues. U1 Review
25-Mar Wed. U1 Review
26-Mar Thurs. U4 Review U4 Review
27-Mar Fri. U1 Review U2 Review
30-Mar Mon. Final
31-Mar Tues
1-Apr Wed. Final
2-Apr Thurs. U3 Review U1 Review
3-Apr Fri. U2 Review
6-Apr Mon. U4 Review
7-Apr Tues. U2 Review U2 Review
8-Apr Wed. U4 Review U1 Review U4 Review
9-Apr Thurs.
10-Apr Fri. U3 Review
13-Apr Mon. Final
14-Apr Tues. U3 Review
15-Apr Wed. U2 Review U4 Review
16-Apr Thurs. U3 Review U1 Review
17-Apr Fri. Final
19-Apr Sun. Withdrawal Deadline
20-Apr Mon. Final**
21-Apr Tues. U3 Review U2 Review
22-Apr Wed. Final** U1 Review
23-Apr Thurs. U4 Review
24-Apr Fri.
27-Apr Mon. U4 Review U3 Review U2 Review
28-Apr Tues. U4 Review
29-Apr Wed. Final
30-Apr Thurs. U3 Review
1-May Fri. Final U4 Review
4-May Mon. Final
5-May Tues. U4 Review
6-May Wed. Final
7-May Thurs. Final
8-May Fri.

Review Exam

  • If passed by midnight (MST) on the due date listed you will receive 3 points toward your final grade.
  • If you do not pass a Review Exam by its due date, you will receive zero points for the Review Exam but will still need to pass it to move on with the course material.

Unit Exam

  • There are no due dates for the Unit Exams. However you must pass the Unit Exam before you are able to take the Review Exam for the next unit.
  • You may retest on Unit Exams to improve your score until the Final Exam due date for that course.

Final Exam

    • Must be passed before the Precalculus Center closes on the due date listed.
    • If you are eligible to take the Final Exam by the due date listed and have not yet passed it, you will be allowed one attempt on the Final Exam the very next day the Precalculus Center is open. See User’s Exam Bonus on how you can earn a second attempt.
    • If the Final Exam is passed, you may retest on any exam (Unit or Final) for that course until 4pm on Dec 13, 2019.

You may need to retest to earn enough points to complete the course and/or you may wish to retest to improve your grade.

  • If you do not pass the Final Exam , you may reduce the number of courses in which you are enrolled to get a new set of due dates and potentially recover lost points. Refer to the Precalculus Registration Dates to find out the last day you can adjust your schedule. Speak with a Precalculus Director if you have any questions or concerns.

Note: Dates are subject to change, log into the Precalculus website and refer to the “My Schedule and Deadlines” link.

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