At the end of the semester every student registered for a precalculus course is assigned a grade.

Students enrolled in precalculus courses who have completed their course by passing all four Unit Exams, in order, and the comprehensive Final Exam with best scores of 80% or better, are assigned a grade of A, B, C, or U determined by the sum of their best scores for each of the four Unit Exams and the Final Exam, plus any points earned from passing the Review Exams by the applicable due date, according to the following table:

Total Points Grade
65 to 72 A
62 to 64 B
57 to 63 C
Not completed (<57) U

An I (incomplete) may be assigned when a student has worked responsibly and consistently on a precalculus course during the semester, but circumstances which were beyond their control and could not reasonably have been anticipated prevented completion of the course. Students who believe they qualify for an incomplete on this basis should discuss their situation with a Director in the Precalculus Center (Weber 137).

A grade of U (unsatisfactory) is assigned to students who have not completed their precalculus course or have not earned at least 57 points. The U grade is a permanent transcript entry, but does not affect the CSU grade point average. However, some universities and financial aid agencies treat the U grade as an F when evaluating student records for graduate or transfer admissions or for awarding financial aid. To earn credit for a course in which a U grade was assigned, a student must register for the course again and satisfactorily complete it from the beginning.

A grade of F is assigned in special circumstances involving Academic Misconduct.

Students may continue to retest to improve their unit exam scores and hence their course grade until the course grade is finalized.

Finalizing Grades

A student’s grade in a precalculus course is finalized when any one of the following occurs:

  • The student does not pass the Final Exam by the applicable due date and the student does not reduce the number of precalculus courses in which enrolled to get a new set of due dates.
  • The semester is over and the student has completed Unit Exams on all units and the Final Exam with at least the minimum passing score on each. A final grade of A, B, C, or U is submitted according to the criteria above.
  • The semester is over, the student has not completed the course. A final grade of U is submitted.
  • The student is working on an incomplete course from the previous semester and the deadline for completing the course has passed. If the Unit Exams on all units and the Final Exam have been completed with at least the minimum passing score, a final grade of A, B, C, or U is submitted according to the criteria above. Otherwise a final grade of U is submitted.
  • As the result of an incident involving academic misconduct.

Checking Your Grade

Students may check their course grade during the current semester via the “My Status” link located within the online course materials.

Grade Appeals

Questions and appeals concerning grades should first be directed to one of the Directors of the Precalculus Center (Weber 137). If differences cannot be satisfactorily resolved with a Precalculus Director, further appeals may be pursued in accordance with the policies on “Students’ Rights” in the General Catalog.