Copies:  There is a copier in the main office Weber 102 to use for university related business (i.e. teaching or research).

Copyright laws prevent copying more than 10% of a book.

Faxing:  The fax number to the machine in the main office is 970-491-2161.  You may request a fax be sent by completing the fax form and submitting it to any one of the office staff

Office Supplies:  If you are doing work related to your appointment as a GTA or GRA, we will give you the supplies you need to do this work.

Parking:  You will need to purchase a parking permit if you wish to park your car in the university parking lots on campus. Commuter students will need to purchase a Z-lot permit. Permits can be purchased at Parking Services, 201 Green Hall. Permits for a one-year period will allow you to park in any lot designated as a Z-lot. As a graduate instructor, you may be able to purchase a “restricted A-lot” parking permit for an additional cost. This permit will allow you to park in limited faculty lots on campus. Check with Parking Services


Bicycling provides a cheap, convenient way to get to campus. Numerous bike racks are located around campus and the Weber building. All bikes must be registered with the University Police Department. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations for bicycling on campus (e.g., you must have lights on your bike for night or evening biking).

Public Transportation:  Transfort and MAX are the bus systems in Fort Collins. Bus passes are free to all full-time students. The service has stops near several student living areas and drops students off in the center of campus at the new bus stop located at the student center. Information about routes is available at


Among the first things you should do as a student at CSU is sign up for an electronic identity (eID).  The eID is required for many services on campus, including:

  • Free CSU Computer Account
  • E-mail
  • WebCT
  • Services for Modem Access
  • Use of computers in the mathematics graduate student computer labs

Office and Phone:  Upon arrival GTAs will be assigned an office and phone number that will be shared with other students.  Offices will be assigned to self supported students if available.

Mailbox:  All graduate students will be issued a mailbox.  They are located in Weber 102 in the main office suite.

Keys:  All graduate students will be issued keys to the main entrance of the Weber building, the mailroom and library.  Those students assigned a desk will have keys to their office as well.

Records are maintained in the department’s main office of all keys issued throughout the department.  Lost keys must be reported immediately to the Key Manager. The Key Manager will notify Facilities Key Desk and prepare the required paperwork for the lost keys and replacing the lost keys.  Upon leaving the university, key holders must return all keys issued in their name to the department Key Manager.  Grades and/or paychecks can be withheld until clearance for all keys is received.

Math email:  You will meet with Zube, Mathematics system administrator, to set up a math email address  It is strongly recommended that you use this email in all of your electronic communications with the department given email relay restrictions.  Please check your email daily as this will be the primary means of communication within the department.

Please recognize that these are shared offices and rules of common courtesy should apply. Following the rules below, and being courteous and considerate in general, will ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience in the Math Department.

  1. Offices are work and study places and a work/study environment has priority over social or recreational activities. Weber 117 would be an appropriate place to carry on lengthy conversations, or to socialize – not shared offices!
  2. Office hours should not be held at your desk. Office hours for most courses will be held in the Calculus Center (second floor of TILT) or in a separately scheduled room.  If a quick meeting must take place with a student, please do so outside of the graduate student offices.
  3. Not everyone considers music appropriate for a work environment. If you would like to listen to music, headphones are highly recommended.
  4. Computers are provided for professional use, to include email, website management, grade records, and research. Please be courteous to your fellow students. During business hours, refrain from using the computers for recreational activities (games, web surfing). After business hours, professional activities still have priority. Remember that not all computers have the same capabilities. Just because other computers are not in use, this does not mean that someone else does not need the computer you are using to play.
  5. Please clean up after yourself. Let Bryan know if you need supplies for cleaning.
  6. Please keep all cell phones on a silent or quiet tone. While not in the office, please either take your phone with you or turn it off. If you need to make/answer a call, please move outside of the office or ask your office mates if it will disturb them to make a quick phone call.
  7. University policy is “no pets are allowed in buildings,” and since the office areas are shared space, rules of courtesy reinforce this policy.
  8. Please remember to turn off the lights and lock the door when leaving the office if you are the last one present in the office. We do not want personal items, i.e. laptops, books, etc. to be stolen.  Also, if a fan is turned on in the office, please remember to turn it off if you are the last person to leave the office.
    1. All rules should be discussed with each office at the beginning of every school year to determine what is acceptable for that office.

On-Campus Housing:  The University has on-campus options for both single and family housing.

There are two sets of apartments for single graduate students: Lory Apartments and International House.  Both offer one bedroom, and two-bedroom (shared with a roommate) apartments.  There is no choice of roommate in the shared apartments, but odds are you will get to live with someone from another country, as these apartments are well liked by international students.

Two and three bedroom family housing is available at Aggie Village North and South, and University Village East and West.

Information regarding both types of housing is available on the Housing and Dining Services website.

Graduate students are not guaranteed an apartment, so you should file your application well in advance. These apartments are only rented to graduate students or non-traditional students, so the apartments are extremely quiet.

Off-Campus Housing:  Finding a place to live in Fort Collins at the beginning of the semester can be difficult.  Fort Collins has a fair amount of off-campus housing available; however each fall brings a crowd of students, so try to make rental arrangements as early as possible. The influx usually begins at about mid-July and crescendos until classes begin. As with most college towns, you pay for the convenience of being close to the campus. But remember that the popular advertisement “close to campus” is less meaningful to math graduate students since the majority of apartments are west of the university, and the Weber Building is on the east side of campus.

Off-Campus Student Services, located in the Lory Student Center is an excellent resource to assist you in your search for off-campus housing:

Here are just a few free services that they offer:

  • Assistance in finding a place to live off campus
  • Help in finding potential roommates
  • Assistance in learning the stages of renting, pre to post-tenancy
  • Aid in understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in Fort Collins
  • Information on selecting and developing healthy roommate relationships
  • Tips on being a good neighbor and building community
  • Help with Budgeting
  • Transportation information
  • Ways to get involved on campus

The classified ads in either the Collegian (the CSU paper) or the Coloradoan (the local Fort Collins paper) are also a great resource for off-campus housing.