CSU Health Network is every student’s home for health and well-being at Colorado State University.  All CSU students have full access to a wide range of medical, counseling and health education and prevention services, regardless of their insurance.

CSU Health Network is a fee-funded service on campus. The CSU health network fee and the counseling fee are both portions of the general fees that all students pay.  The fees allow access to all services and provide reduced rates in comparison to community providers.

For information on accessing CSU Health Network services click here.

For information on Eligibility, Fees and Service Charges click here.

For information about Using Health Insurance at the CSU Health Network click here.

For any additional questions or to make an appointment call (970) 491-7121

Good health care is essential to your academic success! The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is designed specifically for CSU students.  It is a comprehensive PPO plan designed to comply with state and federal laws, save students time and money, and provide convenient access to quality medical care on and off campus.

The system is designed to work in conjunction with the Student Fee funded services provided at the CSU Health Network to ensure students have access to comprehensive high quality care. This program provides benefits both within the CSU Health Network and when services are provided outside of the CSU Health network.

Colorado State University requires all domestic students taking six (6) or more resident instruction credits to carry health insurance as a way of protecting your education investment. You must meet the health insurance requirement your first semester at CSU and every fall semester thereafter.

All enrolled students have full access to the services at CSU Health Network, regardless of their insurance plan.

For Domestic Students:

All domestic graduate students enrolled in six (6) or more resident instruction credits must take action in the CSU Student Health Insurance Waiver/Enrollment Portal by the deadline:

  1. If you are considering an individual/family/employer/government plan to meet the health insurance requirement, we encourage you do to the following:
  • Ensure your plan meets CSU, state, and federal guidelines for health insurance coverage.  More information here.
  • Contact your insurance carrier in advance to see how your plan will cover visits to CSU Health Network.  Use the following information:
    • CSU Health Network Tax ID#: 846000545
    • CSU Health Network NPI#: 1528156437
  1. Go to the CSU Student Health Insurance Waiver/Election Portal to access the secure online health insurance waiver/election portal.
  2. Login with your CSU student ID number, last name and date of birth.
  3. Choose one of the following two options to meet the requirement:
    • WAIVE the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by providing proof of a comparable health insurance plan. Enter the requested information from your health insurance card (you will also need the plan subscriber’s date of birth) in the secure online form. This process should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Your waiver application will be audited with your insurance carrier to ensure the coverage is active and meets CSU, state, and federal requirements. Your waiver application is not complete until you receive an approval notification via email 
    • OR
    • ENROLL in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by indicating your interest in the secure online form. Do not wait. To ensure you have access to your insurance benefits when plan coverage begins, you MUST enroll at least three weeks prior to the start of classes. Click here to learn more about SHIP.
  1. IMPORTANT: If you do not take action to WAIVE or ENROLL by the deadline, your student account will be charged for the cost of enrollment in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). There will be no refunds or reversals after the deadline (see “Deadline” section above).
  2. Students must meet the health insurance requirement their first semester on campus and every fall semester thereafter.


For Domestic Students Enrolled in LESS than 6 resident instruction credits:

Domestic graduate students enrolled in less than six resident instruction credits (including CR) may voluntarily enroll in the CSU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by completing an online enrollment form or a paper enrollment form at the CSU Student Insurance Office by the University Add/Drop date (approximately two weeks after classes begin). Students taking less than 6 credits are not charged the University General Fees, therefore, the health access and counseling fees are added to the student’s account approximately 4-6 weeks after the beginning of the semester.

For International Students:

Colorado State University requires all international students enrolled at any level to carry health insurance as a way of protecting your educational investment.

International students are automatically enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). If you have other health insurance coverage, including an US-based employer plan or individual health insurance plan, visit the International/INTO Student Waiver page for more information on how to submit a waiver request.

Coverage to spouses, domestic partners and dependents of graduate students:

CSU does not provide insurance coverage to spouses, domestic partners and dependents of graduate students. This policy does not impact the current policy of the University that requires all international students, regardless of enrollment status, to demonstrate comprehensive health insurance coverage through either the University health insurance plan or a comparable plan.

If you have questions about the CSU health insurance or insurance options for dependents, please visit the CSU Health Network website or call the CSU Health Network at 970-491-7121.

A health insurance contribution is available to those graduate assistants (GTA, GRA, GSA) who meet ALL of the eligibility criteria described below.  Each semester, a health insurance contribution will automatically be applied to the student account and taxed through payroll around mid-September and mid-February for the fall and spring semesters respectively.

Therefore, students who are expecting the health insurance contribution may leave the balance due for the insurance unpaid on their student account since the full cost of the insurance will be covered by the contribution.  The health insurance contribution will appear on the student’s CSU account as a credit, approximately one week after the end of the regular add/drop date.  The student does not need to apply for the health insurance contribution, they will automatically be identified.  Depending on the number of semesters appointed, the health insurance contribution varies. See below for details.

Important Tax Information about the health insurance contribution:  The contribution is considered “supplemental wages” and supplemental wages are taxed at a higher tax rate than regular/stipend earnings.  Therefore, it is very important that GTAs and GRAs plan ahead!  ALL the taxes for the entire contribution will be withheld from your September paycheck for fall semester and February paycheck for spring semester.  These taxes can be significant and you should plan for around $300 each September and February to be withheld from your check.

The graduate health insurance contribution is directly applied to the student’s financial account; it is not paid to an insurance provider for insurance coverage. From a compliance perspective, this is the process that must be utilized.

Graduate Assistants are not offered a pre-tax option on the CSU health insurance contribution because Graduate Assistants are classified as students – not as employees. Graduate Assistants are students first and foremost and are categorized as such.  There are many differentiating factors between Graduate Assistants and employees: the type of work they engage in, how they are paid (stipend), the policies that pertain to them, the benefits they receive and how those benefits are paid out. In order to be eligible for a pre-tax option, there must be an employer/employee common law relationship that exists – per federal guidelines.  Because students do not have such a relationship with CSU, they are not eligible for a pre-tax option.

Health Insurance Contribution Criteria

  • Appointed to a 25% (10 hours per week) or more assistantship (GTA, GRA, GSA) by the end of the regular add/drop period.


  • Enrolled in CSU’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)


  • Enrolled in 5 or more resident-instruction credits (Audits, Continuous Registration, and CSU Online Credits* do not meet the Resident Instruction enrollment criteria for this policy).

While eligible GAs do not need to apply for the health contribution from the Graduate School, GAs MUST Opt Into the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to receive the contribution. Follow the CSU Health Network Website policies and instructions on the CSU Health Network Website to enroll in SHIP.

Benefit variation depending on the number of semesters employed

  • If the student meets the Graduate Assistantship eligibility requirements in both the fall and spring semesters, the CSU health insurance contribution will cover 100% of the fall, spring and summer health insurance premiums.
  • If the student meets the Graduate Assistantship eligibility requirements for only one semester, the CSU health insurance contribution will cover only the insurance premium for that semester.

The summer premium will NEVER be covered when a student serves as a (GTA, GRA, GSA) for only one semester. However, because the spring/summer tuition is combined for insurance purposes, the cost of the summer premium is subtracted from the CSU health care contribution for those students appointed as a Graduate Assistant in the spring semester.